The Best Clothing Lifestyle Brands of the Modern Age

Portraying a brand to a certain audience or demographic can be hard, but the rewards can be priceless. Having the right identity for your apparel can help you get trends on your target demographic.
In this article we will be exploring the key aspects of the most successful clothing lifestyle brands on the planet at the current moment, pinpointing what their identity is, and what it has helped them achieved from a marketing perspective.


Ralph Lauren

RL Classics - The Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren is an interesting brand, as before their famous polo shirts were a common feature of fashion conscious men and women all over the world; their purpose was supplying clothing for the sport of polo, in particular, hence the inclusion of the name ‘polo’ in the branding. How have they managed to make the brand so popular coming out of the niche? The answer is by highlighting the conscious craftsmanship which goes into absolutely everything that the brand produces, whilst also taking ownership of the polo.
‘The polo is not only a Ralph Lauren classic it is also part of the Polo Ralph Lauren identity’, is listed on their website, and by taking ownership of the clothing design, it makes the brand look like experts of fashion. A smart move by the Ralph Lauren team!


Polar Clothing co.

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Polar is one of the most unique and fast-rising companies in the fashion scene, as they have become extremely popular and earned the trust of a certain subculture. Back when Polar Clothing first opened its doors, they didn’t get much reaction from, without a target audience. That all changed when Polar launched a skateboard line, which with sponsorship to some of the world’s most exciting and promising young skateboarders. This in return gave the brand a direction and a clear audience to deliver their advertisements to. Today, Polar is associated entirely with skateboarding and nothing else – proving it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond!


Fred Perry

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The story of Fred Perry’s branding transition in order to stay with the times is simply remarkable. If you don’t happen to know about the brand’s origins, the company started by providing sophisticated tennis players with apparel for on and off the courts, and today they model their lifestyle culture around providing music lovers with unique style, without compromising on sophistication and the heritage of the brand. By sponsoring various music events and associating themselves with subcultures such as skinheads, mods and more, their audience is as wide as it has ever been.



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Stussy are the masters of streetwear, being one of the first brands to promote their products to an audience of young people who were looking to stand out from a crowd. Instead of promoting their products to a higher class, Stussy became a brand of the working class by having models which the common working person could relate to as well as providing unique designs which have never been seen before. If you are out clubbing at the weekend, you are bound to see someone wearing a Stussy shirt.

What makes a brand lifestyle great? Here’s one of the world’s biggest and best branding companies Pearlfisher telling us their option:

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