Shorts are not that short anymore!

Shorts are the element of clothing we can’t imagine summer without. But could our beloved model have been dethroned this year by denim bermuda?

There is nothing more sexy than short, denim shorts. However, this spring in the offer of many top fashion stores also appeared longer versions of denim shorts, looking like cousins of ​​well-known bermuda.

Pandora Sykes in long shorts and a striped button-down (p.s. you can DIY these with an old pair of skinny jeans!):

Although they are not the easiest to wear (preferably by slim women with long legs), celebrities are already beginning to promote them. Among them model Gigi Hadid.

Will denim pants over the knee and mid thighs be a hit this summer?

Surely, there is a good chance of that, because no one is such a good trendsetter like Gigi.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and More Models Reimagine Off-Duty Denim:

Do you want to try on this new trend? Nothing easier – jeans bermudas have already entered the range of many popular clothing brands. You will find them in Zara, Mango and Jack Wills. What to goes well with it to look stunning? Always a great choice are subtle sandals and low sneakers. If you want to add yourself a few inches (remember, shorts to the knees can effectively optically shorten the legs), put on heels shoes – high heels can nicely shape the silhouette and balance well.

And what should be wear on the top? If you like the grunge style – put on a top or a t-shirt a striped long-sleeved shirt or a short leather jacket. If you want to look a little bit more elegant than casual: opt for a classic white or a light blue shade of an official shirt. Do you love glamour? Choose a shiny, glossy short top with sequins and put on it a jacket. It goes perfectly with denim midi shorts.

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