Fashion tips from Victoria Beckham

She is famous for her refined look, minimalist accessories and smart promotion of her clothing brand at every opportunity. There is no doubt that Victoria Beckham is an icon of modern style from who we can learn elegance and chic. If you have ever dreamed of a white purse or wearing boldly contrasted colours, the designer once known as Posh Spice has already influenced your wardrobe.

Always have sunglasses at hand

Summer or winter, indoors or on the street, Beckham rarely shows up publicly without distinctive sunglasses with D-shaped frames. Not only do they give the eye protection, but also add up chic to even the most minimalist styling.

Contrast colours are not dangerous

Recently, in Victoria’s wardrobe, dominated for ages by dark colours, have appeared colourful clothes what I support with all my heart! The designer combines a honey dress with midi red heels, giving a fresh spring look. Do not you love the bright colours? Start with calmer combinations like burgundy, grenade and khaki.

Do not be afraid of red

This season belongs to red. If you do not have the courage to go all-in, wear that colour on your accessories – ballerinas or elegant handbag. A knit red dress emphasises the chic appeal and perfectly suits both casual and evening wear.

Bob hairstyle

If you are thinking about refreshing your look this spring and you are considering shortening your hair, having it done ala Vitoria Beckham may be the best option. This hairstyle that fits any type of hairstyle is a perfect complement to casual styling – hair is long enough to tie in a ponytail. You can also wear loose waves like Victoria, who almost broke Instagram when last year showed a new hair length.

Smokey eyes can be subtle

Rarely does Beckham wear a strong eye makeup. The designer prefers a gentle version of the smokey eye. If you go out on a night out and you do not want to be too “done”, the VB method is the solution for you. Reach bronze and gold – this palette fits any eye colour.

Caramel suit is an investment you will not regret

Men’s tailoring makes a fuss this season and will probably be popular for a long time. Beckham has known it long time ago. The chain fashion stores are full of pastel blue and rose suits, but if you want a timeless outfit that you can also wear in winter, choose a grey or fawn suit with a caramel tint.

Leather trousers are hot

Imagine that Beckham instead of leather is wearing simple black pants from the tailor. Of course, such a style cannot be criticized, but leather pants add to its character. A mature version: leather trousers goes better with the high heels than sports shoes and a jacket instead of a bomber jacket.

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