Accessories: The best way to improve your look and mood

We are so focused on choosing the right clothes that boost our look that we often forget about one of the best ways to improve it and also show your real self: accessories. Although they are often perceived only as a supplementary component, they add actually those subtle details that express the style and chic, better than other parts of the wardrobe. These are the details that show the world a woman who cares about how she presents herself.

Putting a little bit of effort into the right choice of accessories turns our appearance from smart and neat into stunning. And it is not hard at all to achieve it.

I consider accessories as a kind of a tool that I can use in basically every situation that I encounter. For example, if I feel like adding a bit of spice to my look, I pick high-heels in an intensive colour. If I want to stand out without having to use garish colours, I can always choose a bright purse or large shiny earrings that will reflect the light and thus add glamor to its owner.

Accessories are my salvation, they never let me down, and when I want to change my look, I can always rely on them. This is because I am so attached to my favourite accessories and I know that they are a great complement to my outfits. You do not need an entire closet of bags and belts to feel ready for any occasion. Just like with clothes, here are recommended thoughtful purchases and quality rather than quantity. It takes a bit of effort, but saves the later problems of supplying your wardrobe with countless bracelets, shoes and glasses. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing extras is to buy according to your lifestyle, taste and content of the closet.

I have gathered a list of accessories that can improve your look and save your nerves and time when dressing up at the last minute. The list of basic accessories in the closet is not that long. Here is what every classy woman should have:

Dark brown leather belt

The Mountain Belt in Dark Brown. 1/75" Heavy Duty Leather Belt. - Just received mine. Holy Shitballs is it awesome!:

I always take my brown vintage belt on a journey. Not only does it work great as an accessory for various outfits, but it also emphasizes the waistline. Suitable for jeans, cardigans, dresses.

Big clutch bag

(Replace width product name and angle):

It’s a stylish, modern accessory with a touch of elegance. I like the clutch bags as they are both functional and fashionable, especially those in bright colours.

Classic pointed heels

Black stilettos heels. classic size 8. can never have enough..:

If you look closely at the photos of Anna Wintour, you will notice that she has several pairs of high heels from Manolo Blahnik. She could afford to buy a new pair every day, but she knows that proper and proven shoes can change the look of almost every outfit. When looking for universal shoes, instead of a platform, choose high heels that always go well with both denim and pencil skirt. Single sole gives us class and sex appeal.

Flesh ballerinas

Jimmy Choo | Gala suede point-toe flats | NET-A-PORTER.COM More:

Never underestimate the power of perfect ballerinas. You can walk everywhere as they fit almost anything. Those in flesh colours are universal, and their timelessness will make you feel like your favourite movie star.

Aviator sunglasses

Blue Mirror Silver Aviator Pilot Sunglasses:

There is nothing cooler than those sunglasses. Not only are they timeless, but they also fit every face shape. They combine chill and elegance, so they can be worn on many different occasions. Basically, everyone looks good in them.


loving the layered necklaces // loved by @JewelleryClub:

Do not think of it only as an accessory on cooler days. This is a multi-purpose part of your wardrobe. You can wrap your hair with a scarf, hang it on the handle of the bag, cover the waist line and hips, bikini top. I believe that my outfit gains an extra dimension and I look very exquisite with a scarf.

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