6 shopping traps we get into

Shopping is one of those things we both love and hate. Each of us loves to go crazy shopping, unless we end up emptying the wallets and feeling guilty after buying another unnecessary dress or a pair of shoes. Daily shopping can also give you a headache if you don’t avoid those traps. Make sure you know them all so you can save your time and money.

  1. Choose a product by packaging

Nicely designed box catches the eye faster, but that does not mean that you should only be guided by aesthetics when shopping. Products in beautiful and refined packaging often cost more, though often in terms of quality they do not vary from those standing next to them. Whether you are buying face cream or looking for good quality belt, compare a cheaper and more expensive product, see where it comes from and what kind of product it is. You may find that you only pay more for packaging – do not be fooled.

  1. Spending more to have a free shipping

If you are shopping online often, you certainly know this trap. Many online stores offer free shipping on a certain amount, thus increasing their potential turnover. Suppose you want to buy a blouse that costs 20£ zlotys and the free delivery is from 25£. The shipping costs you an extra 5-10£, but the page will give you t-shirt suggestions for 15 quid more than the cost of shipping. You put a t-shirt into a basket, you spend more than you intended, for a thing you did not even want to buy, but you feel satisfaction because you’ve won the system. In the meantime, the store actually won the battle, convincing you to buy another thing in a simple way.

  1. Ignoring the label

You bought a drink instead of juice, the dark bread turned out to be caramelized, and the cosmetic with the word “natural” on the packaging really is chemically stuffed? It’s time to start reading labels. Although it takes a few extra minutes, it is worth taking a moment to read them instead of making a bad purchase and … rush to the store for another product that do not meet your expectations.

  1. Fooled by ads

Some brands can be associated better because they are widely advertised. Unfortunately, greater recognition does not always go hand in hand with better product quality. Very often big companies spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns and attract many customers who, recognising a logo of a well-known company, are more likely to use their product. Be smarter and make your own insights in finding articles that interest you. Look carefully at the reviews, stores and information on the packaging, and instead of getting used to the product of a well-known brand, look around the store shelves. You may find that a lesser-known company offers the same product at a much lower price.

  1. Blindly believing in promos

You love promotions, don’t you? The idea that you can buy something 20-50% cheaper is tempting, but often it’s just a clever marketing trick that will tempt you to bigger than usual and even unnecessary purchases (those that you would not normally do in regular circumstances). The reduced price of one product makes it easier for you to reach the other one, and 1 + 1 promotions often convince you to do almost wholesale shopping. You are also more likely to pay for something 19.99 £ than 20£ – its all about how the price is displayed. The first digit is searched – your brain automatically treats this product as much cheaper, although the real difference is only a penny.

  1. Buying something because it is cheap

We all fall into this trap. Cheap T-shirt or pants are tempting us, but they usually do not have a high quality. Cheaper clothes are made from inferior materials and it is very possible that you will not put them on more than a few times and you will have to go shopping again. Besides the durability of the product, our comfort and health is also important – it is not worth saving. Sometimes it is worth to pay a little more for the product to serve us longer and simply better. Choose wisely!

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