5 looks for your chino trousers

Preppy, elegant, casual… One pair of chino trousers can take you through so many looks and occasions! To update your silhouette without turning your wardrobe upside down, you just need to find the right pair of classic trousers and vary looks with your tops and accessories! Easy breezy, trust us. Just follow our tips, and with a good staple that is the chino, you will never experience bad fashion days again!

Fashion tips from Victoria Beckham

She is famous for her refined look, minimalist accessories and smart promotion of her clothing brand at every opportunity. There is no doubt that Victoria Beckham is an icon of modern style from who we can learn elegance and chic. If you have ever dreamed of a white purse or wearing boldly contrasted colours, the designer once known as Posh Spice has already influenced your wardrobe.

Accessories: The best way to improve your look and mood

We are so focused on choosing the right clothes that boost our look that we often forget about one of the best ways to improve it and also show your real self: accessories. Although they are often perceived only as a supplementary component, they add actually those subtle details that express the style and chic, better than other parts of the wardrobe. These are the details that show the world a woman who cares about how she presents herself.